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What’s Up


All during the month of July, listen to the radio each day to hear what the forecast is calling for the high temp! 

All day long, Kwik Stop / Dairy Queen will be selling small cones for that price!  

High temp forecast is 78….a small cone is 78 cents!  High is 96…a small cone is 96 cents.  Make sense?

You’ll hear the forecasted high temp every hour, all day long!  

Then enjoy a small vanilla, chocolate, or twist cone! 

Available at Kwik Stop / Dairy Queen restaurant locations in Dubuque, Key West, and Peosta!

Wall of Heroes

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Ask the Experts

In our effort to deliver accurate news and information involving COVID-19, we went straight to local Doctors, and others in the medical community to get our questions answered.  Give them a listen.


To ask your own question, email it, and we’ll add it to the list.  johnrhodes@radiodubuque.com


Our “Experts”

Dr Hendrik Schultz (Medical Associated & Mercy One)

Dr Ron Iverson (Grand River Medical Group)

Dr Sarah Jacobitz-Kizzier (Grand River Medical Group)

Gary Collins CEO (Crescent Community Health Center)

Dr Jill Powers (Grand River Medical Group)



April 20th Update


Does Dubuque have enough tests? (Schultz)


It’s hard not to touch my face.  Is it just me? (Schultz)


Should we continue to wipe off surfaces? (Schultz)


What exactly are “underlying conditions”? (Schultz)


Overall, what have we learned over the past couple months about the virus? (Schultz)


If you’ve had it, and recovered, is there anything you could do to help others? (Schultz)


Can someone who has had COVID-19, and recovered…can they get it again? (Schultz)


Are there any changes on the guidelines for wearing masks? (Schultz)


How is the situation in Dubuque, for our supply of ventilators? (Schultz)


How does Coronavirus spread from person to person?  (Schultz)


How long until symptoms begin showing?  (Schultz)


Will changing clothes when I get home help stop the spread?  (Schultz)


Why are we told to call the hospital or clinic first?  (Schultz)


If my test was “negative”, what did I likely have?  (Schultz)


Will there be another outbreak in the Fall?  (Schultz)


Will a change in the weather be good, or bad?  (Schultz)


Is Ibuprofen dangerous to take if you might have the virus?  (Schultz)


What are Tele-health visits?  (Collins)


Typically, how long until symptoms start to appear?  (Kizzier)


If you’re sick, why are you discouraged to just show up at the hospital?  (Kizzier)


Can you explain Tele-health visits?  (Kizzier)


We don’t hear about the recovery stories.  How are they?  (Powers)


Those with negative tests, what did they have?  (Powers)


How does COVID-19 spread from person to person?  (Iverson)


Is there an average age of those infected?  (Iverson)



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