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Known Unto God

Jennifer Sorenson – Orphan is the New Orange



47 Minutes

Three perfect strangers, a selfless flight attendant, an overworked lawyer, and a down and out paramedic go through their everyday trials, until a single malicious act converges all three on a course that has defined our generation. Short Film



Black Canaries

Isolated, desperate, and haunted by his coal-stained birthright, Clarence Lockwood continues his daily descent into the accursed Maple mine— even after it has crippled his forefathers and blinded his youngest son. Set in 1907 and based on director Jesse Kreitzer’s own coalmining ancestry, this 35mm folktale offers a powerful meditation on patrimony, loyalty, and love. Short Film



Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

A stressed-out single father has his life turned upside down when a new-age yogi mysteriously shows up in his kitchen and leads him on a journey of self-discovery. Feature Film



Dance of the Neurons

24 dancers embody the birth of neurons, activating the brain/body. Created in consultation with leading neuroscientists. Co-directed by Jody Oberfelder and Eric Siegel,Jody collaborated with neuroscientists Weiji Ma, (who also is dancing in the film—who can spot the neuroscientist?), Ed Lein from the Allen Institute for Brain Research, and Gary Marcus to evolve material based on the birth of a neuron (from progenitors) and neuronal connections. Short Film


Struggling artist Anna Larsen’s mother has never understood her. When her mom is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, Anna returns home to help but brings years of family baggage with her.

As she unpacks her past, Anna rediscovers a mysterious mailbox from her childhood and embarks on a search to solve its mystery. What she learns along the way may just be the key to rekindling her own magic. Feature Film



Jeff, a successful fashion photographer, work hard to make ends meet. He provides a nice life for his family, but at the high cost of their affection. As the bread winner he has to work to provide, but how much is too much and what happens when he realizes it. Short Film



The Funeral Guest

A lonely girl seeks love, connection and family by crashing funerals. Short Film



Full Circle

When a dedicated priest in a Polish- American parish is faced with having to clean out the home of a deceased elderly woman, an old photograph of a dead child raises questions. Chilling occurrences prod him to uncover an unexpected answer. Short Film




A recently released convict finds himself trapped between his urban criminal past and his new life on probation as the only black man in a conservative white Wisconsin farming town. Feature Film

Hang on Sloopy: The Movie

“ROCKumentary” about The Ohio State University and the entire state of Ohio’s incredible 50yr love affair with this rock song. Documentary




In the aftermath of a brutal fraternity hazing death, a college freshman’s desire to join the best fraternity on campus is compromised when his older brother launches an anti-hazing crusade. A modern retelling of ancient Greek mythology, HAZE is a sobering, realistic portrait of what truly goes on behind fraternity and sorority house walls. Feature Film



Jubilee Nurse

‘Jubilee Nurse’ tells the story of out break of the Spanish Flu Epidemic through the eyes of nurse Kitty Malone. To be a nurse in any era is a challenge but to be a nurse operating in remote rural Ireland in 1918 during a period of upheaval and calamity was not just challenging but down right dangerous. Kitty Malone a district jubilee nurse, struggles to cope as a soldier returning from the Western front brings a mysterious illness to her door. As she tries to find a cure for the disease she is blocked at every turn: first by the local Republicans and later by the British Army who want to keep the outbreak of epidemic among troops in the trenches a secret. Kitty is in a race against time to save the soldier and his family from the disease and stop an isolated case becoming a pandemic. Short Film




‘Kept’ is a story about a young woman who is struggling with a hidden illness and doesn’t allow anybody around her to know. She meets a guy when he comes into her wine shop and a relationship starts. She struggles to know how and when to let her now boyfriend know that her time is limited. Short Film




This is the untold story of Lutah Maria Riggs. LUTAH explores the life of a little known architect who left a big legacy. She designed iconic buildings such as the Lobero Theater, Vedanta Temple, and the Botanic Garden and was integral to rebuilding a damaged Santa Barbara after the 1925 earthquake. Lutah designed exquisite homes in many styles for some of Santa Barbara’s greatest philanthropists and spent hundreds of volunteer hours laying the foundation for the Santa Barbara Landmarks Commission. She did all of this as an independent woman at the turn of the 20th century. Feature Film



No Letting Go

What would you do to save your child? A young teenager struggles with a debilitating mental illness as his mom risks everything to save him without losing the rest of her family. Feature Film



On the Brink: Uncharted Waters

“On the Brink: Uncharted Waters ” is a documentary film that takes an investigative approach, seeking to answer the question: “Is the whale shark tourism industry in the Philippines conservation or exploitation?” By documenting industry practices never before captured on film, it exposes new information about the industry, and uncovers threats posed to whale sharks. The film also looks at the human aspect of the issue, and discovers how the whale shark tourism industry can continue to support locals without exploiting the sharks! Documentary


Peelers Cover


A small-town strip-club owner must defend her bar, her strippers and her life when violent, infected patrons show up on the final closing night and all hell breaks loose. Feature Film




SLLiP Follows Cam, a young father injured at work who fights to shield his family from his daily pain and addiction. When prescription drugs are not enough to manage, will he risk losing his family and his sanity to his demons? Short Film



The Giants Fairy

A mysterious woman helps an emotionally struggling man, amidst a tragic event. Short Film


the way it melts poster c-u21083-r-fr_2x

The Way it Melts

A paranoid schizophrenic moonlights as a prosthetist while seeking ways to cope with his illness by day. Short Film



Upstairs Inferno

Featuring interviews by survivors, witnesses & family members/friends of victims, this 96 minute film examines the largest gay mass murder in U.S. history. Documentary



What I did in Fifth Grade

In this third feature-length documentary from Refuge Films, a teacher/filmmaker chronicles his final year working in a public elementary school with a diverse, mostly underprivileged population. Short Film



Women Outward Bound

Fifty years ago, girls were not allowed to participate in the rigorous U.S. Outward Bound Wilderness School until 24 women broke that barrier. Find out how one month of surviving in the woods changed them…. and history…forever. Documentary

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival